Vertically detachable towbars
Horizontally detachable towbars

Vertically detachable towbars

Back in the ’70s ACPS Automotive introduced the first ‘detachable towbars’ to the market. The handling and function is simple: If the system is not needed, the ball neck can simply be removed.


  • The ball neck is only attached during use. Nothing disturbs the appearance of the vehicle.
  • The ball neck is attached to the system from below - vertically.
  • Detachable towbars from ACPS Automotive lock fully automatically - a bonus in comfort and safety.
  • The ball neck is equipped with a lock for theft protection.
  • With FIX4BIKE® feature.
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Horizontally detachable towbars 

The horizontally detachable ball neck is a product alternative to the vertically mounted system. Depending on the individual installation space and specific requirements, our customers choose one or the other system. The horizontally mounted ball neck can also be attached and removed quickly and easily. After removing the ball neck the system is visible, which is an advantage to some customers.


  • The ball neck is attached only when you need it. With the ball neck removed the system is slightly visible. However, hardly anything disturbs the vehicle optics.
  • The attachment of the ball neck to the system takes place horizontally.
  • Detachable towbars from ACPS Automotive lock fully automatically - this offers high reliability and ease of use.
  • The ball neck is equipped with a lock to prevent theft.
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Technical Data

Vertically removable Horizontally
D-Value* up to 16,8 kN up to 13 kN
Stützlast up to 220 kg up to 150kg
Trailer load up to 3.500 kg up to 2,500kg

* The D value is a fixed force value that includes the permissible total weight of the towing vehicle and the maximum permissible total weight of the trailer.


What if the data given here doesn't fit your vehicle-specific requirements?
Please do not hesitate to contact us, because we also develop tailor-made components and solutions.

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The appropriate electrical kits for our towbars are developed in cooperation with well-known wiring harness manufacturers and according to customer requirements. We offer automotive manufacturers and their authorised dealers our systems for strip installation or retrofitting. Spare parts are also available for both scenarios.

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