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ACPS Automotive Inc.
Sales and engineering location

ACPS Automotive in the Land of Unlimited Possibilities

Since 2015, ACPS Automotive has been present in the North American automotive market and is well-positioned. In a short time, we have established ourselves in the US market and achieved an impressive technological lead. In 2019, we established our own sales and engineering location in Troy, Michigan. Thanks to the strategic positioning of our site in close proximity to the American automotive hub of Detroit, not only has our cooperation with renowned US automakers been intensified, but it has also been successfully expanded and solidified.

For Greater Mobility
in the US market

In the USA, the automotive industry is yet to exploit the possibilities of innovative towing systems for cars, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles. As a technology leader, ACPS Automotive is in an excellent position to capitalize on the existing potential in the US market. We have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ manufacturing processes and requirements. With a wide range of products, including swiveling, detachable, and rigid systems, we also serve today’s lighter and more fuel-efficient fleets. This valuable added value benefits both automakers and end consumers

Continuing Expansion
Partnership with TowSmart

With two innovative towing technologies from ORIS, ACPS Automotive is now also positioning itself in the aftermarket. We have formed a partnership with the well-known US brand TowSmart for the distribution of ORIS aftermarket products. Among the initial products for the North American aftermarket are the ORIS DM-III disappearing hitch™ and ORIS AK41, suitable for Tesla, Ford, Cadillac, Toyota, and Volvo. New products for additional vehicle models are under development and will soon expand the product range based on demand.

Dániel Csuta Vice President Business Development North America at ACPS Automotive and responsible for the US site in Troy, continues to look forward to a positive future.

US-Markt Oris

Dániel Csuta

„As a recognized partner of the automotive industry, we also offer our first-class solutions in the American market, precisely tailored to the needs of the automotive industry and end consumers.“
Dániel Csuta-Galisz, Vice President Business Development North America at ACPS Automotive and responsible for the US site in Troy