Innovation & Technology
at ACPS Automotive

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ACPS Automotive holds more than 140 patents worldwide, primarily for its swivel systems and mechatronics and as a result stands for technology and innovation leadership. Our company has significantly shaped technological progress in the field of towbars and hitches (US). ACPS Automotive stands for more than 65 years of continuous innovation at its headquarters in the Stuttgart area and at other regional development and production sites worldwide.

Innovation, Technolgy und Sicherheit

Innovation, Technolgy und Sicherheit

which becomes the standard

Innovation is reflected not only in patents, but above all in the swivelling towbars that are now standard with almost all automobile manufacturers. These are market leaders in terms of size, robustness and efficiency. The groundbreaking invention and implementation of pivoting around only one inclined axis, which forms the basis for all today's pivoting systems, originated from our company.

Continuous development through optimisation and new concepts

More than seven percent of our employees work in product development. In addition to new and further developments, this also includes the implementation of tailor-made customer-specific solutions in which we are directly involved in the development process.

For customer-specific solutions, we combine custom-made components with standardized modules in order to reduce development and delivery times as well as costs. Our customer-oriented teams of experts implement the product from the idea generation through the design and development process to prototype build and the manufacturing processes.

Guaranteed safety
through parts testing

Geprüfte Sicherheit

Geprüfte Sicherheit

Today, millions of drivers use ACPS Automotive towbars and rely on the ORIS brand to safely transport trailers, bikes and other carrier systems to their destination. ACPS Automotive's commitment to safety is reflected throughout the company. From design to production to assembly, ACPS Automotive strives to exceed industry safety standards and achieve the safe use of all its towbars.

Certified and tested to standard

Safety is based on compliance with norms and standards, for which we are audited by independent certification companies. We also work closely with our customers to understand and address potential safety issues. In addition to these requirements, we also pursue other activities to methodically improve the safety of products and processes.

Our own requirements

Safety is the top priority when ACPS Automotive engineers design a towbar. Since the towbar is a safety product, it must comply with the legal requirements and is then given a type-plate. In addition, at ACPS Automotive, each towbar must meet proven company-specific construction and design standards that are often stricter than regulatory requirements.