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ACPS Automotive Services GmbH
Headquarters Independent Aftermarket

ACPS Automotive Services manages the global Aftermarket business. Under the historically grown ORIS brand, this business unit offers a wide range of premium towbars for retrofitting and bicycle carriers. It does so from Moenchengladbach in Germany, in close cooperation with the international companies in Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA.


A significant proportion of towbars for cars and vans are not originally fitted at the factory, but are retrofitted later in the life of the vehicle. In Europe alone, over two million towbars are retrofitted every year. Spare parts dealers, workshops and motorists rely on the high-quality, innovative towbars from ORIS for retrofitting. This is why the international business with independent workshops and the spare parts trade is an important pillar of ACPS Automotive, helping the company to increase awareness of its ORIS brand.

An international team
serves the requirements of a challenging market

The international team, which operates across national borders and is increasingly closely networked in development, production, sales and distribution, work the challenging markets, which is characterised by an assorted and demanding customer structure.

The business for retrofitting towbars is managed from Moenchengladbach. The location in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine metropolis of Düsseldorf is not only home to the management. Product Management, Supply Chain Management, Finance as well as Marketing and Sales are also controlled centrally at the Aftermarket headquarters.

Product Development and Testing takes place in Kecskemét (Hungary) in close cooperation with the development teams at the other development sites in Germany and North America. The production of retrofit systems at the Hungarian plant benefits from the strict OE standards established there.

Our distribution hubs in Germany, Hungary, the UK (Birmingham) and Spain (Valencia), ensure the efficient distribution of premium products throughout Europe and their prompt delivery to our customers.
Local sales teams in Germany, Hungary, the UK, Spain, France, the Benelux countries and Scandinavia enable particularly close customer support.

Listed in wholesale,
Established with workshops

"Downstream, workshops are also among the direct and indirect customers from whom the decisive pull effect emanates: After all, they demand the products. At the same time, drivers' wishes, for example for greater safety or easier operation, are incorporated into the products.“, explains Lars Stuhlweissenburg, Vice President IAM.


Lars Stuhlweissenburg

„End customers primarily expect a product with a good price/performance ratio, the criteria in the business-to-business sector are much more complex. Independent garages form their brand preferences primarily because of brand awareness, quality, availability, ease of assembly and technical and logistical services.“

Lars Stuhlweissenburg, Vice President IAM

Why workshops
should rely on ORIS towbars

In the Aftermarket, ORIS is a classic brand for premium towbars – the products are innovative and technologically leading. This is due, to the consistent transfer of expertise and innovation from the OE division to the Aftermarket, which is an important differentiating factor in the Aftermarket business.

Workshops benefit from a complete product range for leisure and commercial use: from fixed and detachable towbars to fully electric retractable systems, which are now also available for retrofitting for the first time thanks to ORIS. The ORIS range is rounded off by easy-to-install complete sets consisting of towbars and vehicle-specific electrical kits in premium quality as well as high-quality bicycle carriers.

Another advantage for workshops is the vehicle-specific product development based on the fastening points and load specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. This results in simple installation and maximum accuracy of fit to the vehicle chassis. With excellent coverage of the European vehicle population, ORIS towbars for retrofitting guarantee compatibility, durability and safety.

Original equipment expertise
as added value for workshops and drivers

The latest achievement from ACPS Automotive is the ORIS_E3 – the all-electric retractable towbar for independent workshops and spare parts dealers – making OE expertise available to the Aftermarket. This makes coupling a breeze and delights drivers who rely on comfort, flexibility and safety.