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We always need the right components for new products. If you are familiar with one of our manufacturing technologies, please apply to partner with us as a supplier.


Matthias Mania

“In addition to defining and developing the procurement and supplier strategy, in Global Purchasing we ensure a continuous supply of purchased materials. We handle international price negotiations and make smart choices when picking suppliers for our customer projects. We purchase machinery and equipment, services and consumables. In addition, we are responsible for supplier quality, ensure efficient processes and agile working, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

The central purchasing roles form a network together with our local buying teams so that all of the company’s supplier relationships are managed and developed in the best possible way. Our supplier panels are strategically aligned and cover our present and future needs at regional and international level. In this way, we avoid complicated supply chains, promote reliable and sustainable procurement and climate protection, and reduce our company’s carbon footprint. We support ACPS Automotive’s growth path and play an active role in improving the company’s profitability.”

Matthias Mania, Vice President Global Purchasing, ACPS Automotive

Benefits of working
with ACPS Automotive

Mechanical processing

  • turning
  • milling


  • from alloy steel

Cast components

  • made with non-ferrous alloys
  • non-ferrous alloy and steel casting and precision casting

Die-cast parts

  • made with aluminium

Extruded profiles

  • from aluminium in manufacturing lengths and in fixed lengths, unworked and mechanically worked and bent

Stamped and bent parts

  • sheet thicknesses from 6mm to 15mm
  • sheet metal cutting

Laser cut parts and flame-cut parts

  • sheet thicknesses from 6mm to 15mm

Strips, sheets, profiles and tubes

  • made from steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics

Plastic injection moulding

  • extrusion, blow moulding and vulcanization parts

Surface treatments

  • powder coating
  • printing
  • laser inscription
  • wet varnishing
  • galvanic surfaces on steel, plastic and aluminium


  • leather
  • Imitation leather and textiles
  • electronic equipment and cable assembly
  • packaging and packaging accessories