09/16/2021 | With Road Trips, Camping, Bikes and Boats on the Rise, ACPS Automotive Showcases Vehicle Hitch Systems for U.S. Auto Manufacturers at Motor Bella 2021

Unique towing technology seamlessly integrates with vehicles for simple manufacturer installation and hassle-free use.

ACPS Automotive, the European market leader and global provider of trailer hitch systems for passenger cars, SUVs and vans, is showcasing its innovative hitch systems for the U.S. market at Motor Bella in Pontiac, Michigan September 21-22. ACPS Automotive’s sleek hitch solutions are installed on the vehicle on the assembly line or by certified mechanics at the dealerships, delivering added value for automobile manufacturers and making it easy for drivers to hit the road with their gear in tow. Backed by the company’s more than 60 years in business and 140 patents worldwide, ACPS Automotive’s advanced solutions deliver unprecedented performance, safety and durability.

Designed to replace the rigid, exposed, and unsightly hitches most of us think of when considering a towing solution, and meeting the highest safety standards, ACPS Automotive’s hitches and carriers are easy to integrate into today’s lighter and more fuel-efficient fleets. The hitches of ACPS Automotive allows to move and adjust them easily and even disappear when not in use. As Americans are increasingly embracing the road trip for leisure travel and extended “workcations,” the need continues to grow for high-performing and user-friendly hitch solutions that can safely and reliably haul gear and equipment from bike carriers to boats to campers.

“In the U.S., there is a huge opportunity to introduce the discerning driver to intuitive hitch technology that will add value for their next road trip while not detracting from the vehicle design,” said Daniel Csuta-Galisz, ACPS Automotive’s R&D Director North America. “After equipping vehicles in Europe for 60+ years with our cutting-edge hitch solutions, we’re eager to show U.S. OEMs how we can work with them to integrate this advanced towing technology into their vehicles, delighting drivers.”

ACPS Automotive was the first to introduce the disappearing hitch, which retracts into the vehicle at the push of a button. The technology relies on a swivel system invented by ACPS Automotive that ensures the swivel curve and size of the hitch are optimally aligned with the vehicle, so that the system requires a minimum amount of space when retracted. ACPS Automotive also offers removable solutions that are easy to take on and off and automatically lock in place for added safety, without compromising on functionality. In addition, ACPS Automotive’s fixed hitch solution offers a lower-cost option that still delivers full functionality. In this segment, ACPS Automotive stands out with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and exceptional weld quality that not only makes hitches look great, but ensures they last longer.

Visitors to Motor Bella can learn more about ACPS Automotive’s innovative trailer hitch solutions at ACPS Automotive, booth 200/201 in the AutoMobili-D area.


About ACPS Automotive
ACPS Automotive is the European market and technology leader for towbars for passenger cars, SUVs and vans. Founded in 1955 and located in Ingersheim, near Stuttgart, Germany, ACPS Automotive develops, manufactures and sells its innovative and safe trailer and carrier systems from ten locations across Europe, the United States and Mexico under the ORIS brand. The brand works closely with automotive OEMs and end-users, as well as companies in the aftermarket, such as garages and dealers. ACPS Automotive holds more than 140 patents worldwide and shapes the hitch and carrier market with its innovations.

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