Trailer hitches

We develop and produce systems in original-equipment quality for virtually all vehicle models and requirements.

All trailer hitches currently produced by ACPS Automotive carry official EC approval, meaning that individual on-vehicle inspections are not required as a precondition for highway use.

Our product line includes numerous varieties of trailer hitches. We provide rigid and removable trailer hitches as well as manual, semi-automated, or fully automated swiveling systems under the ORIS-MATIC brand.

Choose your application from our extensive product line.

Rigid trailer hitches

Cost-conscious drivers prefer our rigid-ball trailer hitches. With its proven reliability and robust construction, this version furnishes optimal levels of quality and functionality for virtually every vehicle model.

Removable trailer hitches

Removable trailer hitches are inserted only when needed so the vehicle's appearance will not be compromised. Installation and removal of the trailer hitch is quick and easy. The hitch works smoothly for years and requires very little maintenance.

Swiveling systems

The easy-to-use ORIS-MATIC trailer system shines with extreme convenience. It is available in manual, semi-automated, and fully automated versions.

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Electrical kits

Suitable electrical kits are developed in collaboration with the automobile industry. They are available through the auto manufacturers' dealers.