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The diversity of our workforce at ACPS Automotive is our strength and our statement for a democratic society.

The federal state of Baden-Württemberg is one of the most important economic centers in Germany. Globally known and successful companies from this federal state and other German regions have joined forces with the employers' association Südwestmetall and IG Metall Baden-Württemberg have sent out a strong signal against extremism. High-profile representatives from business and politics signed the "Economy for Democracy" declaration at the joint event.

We at ACPS Automotive fully endorse the content of this declaration and are committed to a free and liberal-democratic basic order. Democratic values such as freedom, respect and tolerance are central guiding principles for us, which characterise our daily work and make us what we are: a cosmopolitan company and international technology leader.

For example, people from more than 20 nations work at ACPS Automotive's headquarters in Ingersheim in the Stuttgart metropolitan region. We value this multicultural structure, as it provides the inspiration and driving force for our wealth of ideas and creativity. A person's origin is not relevant when it comes to working together. Because diversity and cohesion know no boundaries.

We live and work in a country that stands for a democratic value system. Racism, religious discrimination, antisemitism and other forms of extremism have no place in our company and we strictly reject them. Because for us, all people are equal. At ACPS Automotive, we will continue to live and perpetuate the free and democratic basic order in order to give everyone security and confidence. With this attitude, we are moving confidently into a successful future.

Click here for the official press release on the "Business for Democracy" event.