09/05/2022 | ACPS Automotive: St. Egidien production plant marks 30 years

The market leader for towbars celebrates anniversary with good reason.

On 3 September, ACPS Automotive celebrated the 30th anniversary of its production plant in St. Egidien with around 700 employees and their relatives. The atmosphere could not have been better! The order books are full and the plant is expanding. In 2022, the number of employees will increase by 25 percent. This year, 30 new positions have already been filled and another 40 will be added to the 320 existing positions in 2022. The raffle that was held at the anniversary party raised €1,950. ACPS Automotive donates €650 each to the Volunteer Fire Brigade in St. Egidien, the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Lichtenstein and the German Red Cross District Association Hohenstein-Ernstthal Local Group Lichtenstein.

ACPS Automotive can record growth at the St. Egidien plant for the company’s thirtieth anniversary. “We are one of our company’s three most important production sites and an important economic factor here in the region. We have grown steadily due to our positive sales development in recent years – and we still have growth potential,” says Thomas Kunze, ACPS Automotive Plant Director at St. Egidien. The production plant benefits in particular from the high demand for fully electric swiveling towbars – they are manufactured at the St. Egidien site and are the most convenient and innovative solution currently available on the market.

It all started in 1992 with the production of trailer hitches, roof rails and wind shots for convertibles. The plant has contined to grow to this day – mainly due to the innovations in the field of towbars, which are produced under the ORIS brand name. The high demand from automobile manufacturers, which install the towbars directly on the assembly line, ensures the successful development of this business area. At the moment, St. Egidien only produces towbars. ACPS Automotive in St. Egidien represents 30 years of manufacturing experience and a high level of innovation.

Due to the large increase in the workforce this year, ACPS Automotive is still looking for employees with the following qualifications: welders and career changers whom the company will train and qualify as welders, assembly workers, logisticians, electricians, mechanics, PLC technicians, toolmakers and process mechanics. If you are interested, you can find more information in the Careers section of the company’s website at www.acps-automotive.com.

Caption: Aerial view of the ACPS Automotive plant in St. Egidien, which specialises in the production of innovative towbars and at the weekend celebrated its 30th anniversary with its employees and their families.

The Company
ACPS Automotive is the market leader for towbars for passenger cars, SUVs and vans. More than 140 patents worldwide demonstrate its leadership in technology and innovation – leadership which has enabled the company to play a significant role in shaping technological progress in the area of towbars. As a developer and manufacturer, ACPS Automotive sets standards with the technology of its transport solutions at its headquarters in Ingersheim and another ten locations worldwide. Customers gain all the benefits – the international automotive industry can access original equipment and European companies can rely on the accessories market when it comes to retrofitting. The towing hitches provide a particularly safe and convenient connection between vehicle and caravan, bicycle racks, boat and horse trailers in both the private and the commercial sectors.
ACPS Automotive has around 1,800 employees, was founded near Stuttgart in 1955 and is known under the ORIS brand. Sales in 2021 were around 300 million euros.


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