10/25/2023 | Kick-off in the North American Aftermarket

Disappearing and detachable trailer hitches: ACPS Automotive launches its premium ORIS technology in the North American Aftermarket

ACPS Automotive with its premium brand ORIS is the market leader for the engineering and manufacturing of trailer hitches for passenger cars, SUVs and vans in Europe. Now ORIS is also taking off in the North American Aftermarket with two innovative trailer hitch technologies. The company, headquartered in Germany, and its North American subsidiary in Troy, Michigan, have won the well-known US brand TowSmart as its partner. The expert around all hauling needs, takes over the distribution of the innovative ORIS trailer hitches in North America.

From Troy, Michigan, ACPS Automotive operates with dedicated facilities and specific trailer hitches for the North American market to support further growth and success in the US. The inventor of the world´s first disappearing trailer hitchTM has now transferred all its know-how and experience from the European market to the North American market.

ACPS Automotive has already reinvented trailer hitches for car manufacturers around the world. Under the brand ORIS the company now offers German designed hitch solutions in the North American Aftermarket. These designs are engineered specifically for today’s lighter, more fuel-efficient and electric cars. ORIS trailer hitches are movable and adjustable. They offer unparalleled safety and durability in a state-of-the-art design that enhances, rather than diminishes, a vehicle's value.

Until now, only ACPS Automotive has offered disappearing hitches for a few car models in the US OE-market. We are now making this offer available to the North American Aftermarket with two new innovative trailer hitch design technologies. Both technologies are there when you need them but do not disturb the look of the car.

ORIS DM-III disappearing hitchTM
The ORIS DM-III disappearing hitchTM is the ideal solution for anyone who pays attention to speed and above all, ease of use and convenience. The ORIS DM-III disappearing hitchTM is only visible, when needed. With just one action the receiver swivels into the operating position and locks instantly. If not needed, the receiver disappears invisibly behind the bumper in the rest position with a single pull on the lever and push back.

With the ORIS DM III disappearing hitchTM, ACPS Automotive has created a retrofit system that stands out with its fast and convenient operation, robust design and ease of installation.

ORIS AK41 detachable hitch
For those who occasionally use a hitch and attach importance to the appearance of their car, as well as to a good value-for-money-solution, a permanently installed or a disappearing hitch on their own car is usually simply out of the question. This is where the innovative ORIS AK41 detachable hitches from ACPS Automotive come into play.

The system features a robust design to OE quality standards. If not needed, the receiver adapter can be simply removed. With the ORIS AK41, motorists can keep the appearance of their vehicle unchanged and benefit from easy installation with secure and fully automatically locking. The locking system has been tested and approved by car manufacturers for several years.

Clearly the ORIS AK41 detachable hitch is the best value-for-money solution, if you do not pay attention to the highest speed and highest convenience, but much more on the price.

Designed for flexibility and user-friendliness, the ORIS trailer hitches for retrofitting offer all the advantages of disappearing and detachable systems as originally installed by car manufacturers. Whether for leisure activities or for business, ORIS always has the right trailer hitch technology for all needs.

"ORIS technology offered by TowSmart"
The distribution of ORIS Aftermarket products is handled by the well-known US brand TowSmart of Winston Products, LLC. TowSmart is introducing the ORIS brand as "ORIS technology offered by TowSmart". As a leading company in the US Aftermarket and a renowned expert in the towing accessory market, TowSmart aims to generate a broad understanding and demand for ORIS trailer hitches.

Winston will debut the ORIS brand and its innovative products, most notably the DM-III disappearing trailer hitch™, to the North American market at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas as early as October 31 - November 3, 2023. The official ORIS launch will take place in the first quarter of 2024.

The first products include the ORIS DM-III disappearing hitch™ for the Tesla Model S, Ford Mach-e and Cadillac XT-4, while the ORIS AK41 detachable trailer hitch debuts for the Toyota RAV4, Volvo XC60 and Mercedes GLB/GLA. Additional vehicle model applications will follow.

About us
With more than 65 years of experience and over 2,200 employees and 3 plants, ACPS Automotive today is the technology leader in trailer hitches for cars, SUVs and vans worldwide and is the market leader in this segment in Europe. It has more than 140 patents worldwide that are evidence of its leadership in technology and innovation, with the company playing a significant role in shaping technological progress in the towing solutions sector. As a developer and manufacturer of transport solution technology, ACPS Automotive sets standards at its headquarters in Germany and ten locations worldwide.
Its subsidiary ACPS Automotive Inc. in Troy, Michigan develops, manufactures and sells its innovative and safe hitches in North America.
To the benefit of its customers – namely, the international automotive industry in the original equipment sector and companies in the aftermarket and retrofitting business. The hitches provide an especially safe and convenient connection between vehicles and caravans, bicycle racks, and boat and horse trailers in the private and commercial sector. ACPS Automotive was established in 1955 near Stuttgart, Germany, and is known in Europe under the ORIS brand. Annual sales of around €360 million were generated in 2022.




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