Transportation Systems and Windstops


ACPS Automotive develops and produces systems for the transport of bicycles, skis and snowboards as well as surfboards and boats. Roof racks and frames offer additional flexibility for commercial vehicles.
Our roof racks are highly precise in their technology and design and are adapted to the respective vehicle model, thus becoming optimally fitting and functional components of the vehicle.
Examples of success are our lockable roof racks, which can be mounted safely and quickly without the use of tools.

Dachträger Clamping

Roof rack: attachment in the door frameDachträger Railing
Roof rack: attachment at the roof railing


As you'd expect, our windstops for convertibles and vertical frames for roadsters – developed and produced by ACPS Automotive – protect you and your passengers comfortably inside your car.

Driving without WINDSTOP and vertical frames
When driving with the roof open, the airflow from the windscreen is directed over the vehicle and causes air turbulence in the cockpit from behind.

Driving with WINDSTOP and vertical frame
Using WINDSTOP with a vertical frame prevents turbulence in the vehicle and also that annoying windblown-look with your hair (and too many draughts around your neck too).
In addition, the heating effect is enhanced, i.e. the heat cushion in the passenger compartment is retained for longer due to the reduction of air movement. This extends the season for driving without a roof by several months.
In addition, windstops drastically reduce the noise level.


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